Not just feedbacks, build surveys
Interactive surveys to know more about your visitors likes or dislikes.
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Collect more than just reactions!
Survey helps you collect more insights about the feedback from your customers.
Export opinion reports in PDF
Export all the data collected in PDF format in just one click. With powerbag we let you see more than before about your customers.
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Happiness score to help in analysis
Know about your customers mood and compare the data directly within our cpboard.
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Different survey for different customers
Show your customer a happy message on an awesome feedback or ask for suggestions in case of a bad feedback. All of this in just a click.
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Create and switch between multiple surveys
Powerbag supports multiple surveys under one account.
Also, switching between them required just one press of a button.
Collect & export survey analytics
Apart from general analytics we also assist you in collecting and exporting analytics for each survey in a simple to read PDF format.
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Listen to customers and grow business
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Export reports with one click
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Learn more about your customers
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