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We help you build the best feedback tool which suits your design and help you convert and collect more feedbacks than ever before.
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Choose from hundreds of high quality icons
With powerbag you can customize your widget in a way like never before. Select from hundreds of icons to let your customers express themselves better.
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Choose a style that suits your business
Every business is special and so are the customers. We understand this and so does our product. Choose the widget that suits your business style.
Style the widget to match your business
Customization which let’s you style the widget and make it your own in so many ways.
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Different widget positions to capture more feedbacks
Test and try different widget positions to see which one fits your business well and improve the rate of feedbacks.
Size the widget according to your requirements
Choose between multiple widget sizes as per your applications layout
Not an emoji fan? We have numbers.
We believe every business is different and so we got you covered with number and star rating type feedbacks in addition to our emoji feedback options.
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Not enough customization? Think again!
With powerbag you can even change widget icon and background color directly from our dashboard.
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Listen to customers and grow business
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Engage customers with special rewards
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Learn more about your customers
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